Shree Swasthani Brata Katha

Shree Swasthani Brata (श्री स्वस्थानी ब्रत कथा) is a holy Hindu ritual observed in Nepal during winter time on around Jan, Feb each year. This ritual last for a month. People taking this fasting worship the goddess Shree Swasthani, god shree mahadev and recite the "Shree Swasthani Brata Katha", the holy book, every morning and evening. Many people without taking the fasting also recite the book every day or at least listen from others.

2070 BS date = Magh 1- Falgun 2 (Jan 15-Feb 14, 2014)

2071 BS date = Push 20 - Magh 20 (Jan 4 - Feb 3, 2015)

2072 BS date= Magh 9 - Falgun 10 (Jan 23- Feb 22, 2016)

The book has 31 chapters including the several stories of lord Shiva, other gods and evils, kings and general people. The whole book its retold by Kumar, son of shiva to the Agasthye muni, a sage. At the end of the month long fasting & worship there is ending ceremony called Sanghe. People stay jagram (no sleeping) on the sanghe night, and worship, sing and play music and have fun. It is believed that any unmarried girl doing this ritual will get good husband in future, and the husband of a married women and son of a widow woman doing this ritual will get good health and prosperity. In very rare case its also observed by male for their own prosperity.

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