List of Vishnu Temples in Nepal

Kathmandu Valley

Changunarayan (चाँगुनारायण): This is one of the oldest Vishnu temple in the world. This temple dates back to 325 AD during the Lichchhivi era. Its is located on the top of Changu hill of Bhaktapur district, almost 10 miles East from Kathmandu. Its one among "Char (4) Narayans of Kathmandu valley." Other three are: Bishankhu Narayan, Shesh Narayan and  Narayan than aka Budhanilkhantha which are south east, south west and north of Kathmandu respectively. Ichangu narayan is also included in this list sometimes.

Changunarayan Temple, Bhaktapur

Budhanilkantha :  This is also called the Sleeping Vishnu, or Jalakshayan Narayan. Its a stone statue of 5 meters in length lying in a reclining position inside a pond. It is believed that the statue was sculpted and brought during the reign of the 7th century monarch Vishnugupta who controlled the Kathmandu valley under the Licchavi king Bhimarjunadev. Usually the name 'Nilkantha' (the blue throat) is related to another deity Shiva. It is unknown why Budha-nilkantha was attached to Vishnu instead of Shiva. It was believed that if the King of Nepal visit this temple he would die. Following the tradition none of the Nepali Hindu kings visited this temple. Rather they made a replica of this in the Royal Palace.
Budhanilkantha Temple, Kathmandu

Shesh narayan : It is located near Pharping near Dakshinkali temple. The main temple was built in the 17th century, but the cave to the right has been a place of pilgrimage for far longer. Its one among "4 Narayans of Kathmandu valley." (काठमाडौँ उपत्यकाका चार नारायण)

Sheshnarayan, Pharping

Bishankhu Narayan : Its located near Godabari, Lalitpur. Its one among "4 Narayans of Kathmandu valley."

Char Narayan Temple / Jagannarayan : This temple was built in 1565. Its located in Patan Darbar Square, Lalitpur. 2015 Earthquake completely destroyed this temple.

Ichangu Narayan Temple : Its located at Ichangu VDC, Kathmandu about 5 kms west of Kathmandu city center.

Tilmadhav Narayan Temple : Its located at Bhaktapur district near Bhaktapur Darbar Square.

Wakupati narayan : Its located in Bhaktapur District near Tilmadhav Narayan temple.

Mani keshab narayan : It is located at Lalitpur.

Wonde Narayan : Its located at Gunkamdev marg near Kathmandu darbar square.


Muktinath : It is located in Muktinath Valley Mustang district at the foot of Himalayas. It is a sacred place both for Hindus and Buddhists.
Muktinath, Mustang

Chandannath Mandir, Jumla : Its located at Khalanga Bazar, Jumla. 

Other Narayan Temples: There are several temples in Nepal by the name of Satya Narayan or Shree Satya Narayan or Laxmi narayan etc.  These are as follows:

(1) Bansidhar Marg, Kathmandu
(2) Inside Royal Palace, Kathmandu
(3) Narayan Temple, Kabhrepalanchowk
(4) Main Road, Biratnagar
(5) Ramailo Bazar Bayarban, Morang
(6) Dharampur, Jhapa
(7) Goldhap, Jhapa
(8) Duhabi Road, Inaruwa
(9) Myanglung municipality, Terathum
(10) Bharatpur Muglin-Narayanghat road
(11) Bharatpur
(12) Gitanagar near Bharatpur
(13) Hetauda
(14) Pokhara
(15)  Dhangadhi