List of Holy Shaktipeeths in Nepal

These are the places to worship the goddess Shakti or sati. According to Shree Swasthani brata katha some parts of satidevi had fallen in Nepal during world tour of Shiva carrying her dead body. All of those places became shaktipeeth. Where as some other holy temples dedicated to Kali, durga, devi, sati or sakti (female power) are also considered shaktipeeths.

State no 3 (Kathmandu Valley and Central Nepal)

Manokamana Temple, Kathmandu
* Manokamana (मनोकामना) : This is situated in hills of Gorkha district but linked with the highway by cable car which makes the tour more enjoyable. Literally Manokamana means the fulfillment of desire. So its believed that the desire of the pilgrim will be fulfilled going there.

* Bhadrakali (भद्रकाली) : she is considered the daughter of Lord Shiva. The famous and historical Bhadrakali temple is in the heart of Kathmandu city.

* Guhyeshwari (गुय्हेश्वरी) : is also in the Kathmandu city next to famous Pashupatinath Temple. Its is believed that "holy ass" of goddess Sati was fallen here.

* Dakshinkali (दक्षिणकाली): its in Kathmandu valley almost 15 miles off city of Kathmandu.
Daksinkali Temple, Kathamndu

* Maitidevi (मैतीदेवी) : It is in the heart of Kathmandu city. The neighborhood itself is called Maitidevi because of this Temple.
Maitidevi Temple, Kathmandu
* Shobha Bhagawati (शोभा भगवती) : Its in Kathmandu river on Bisnumati River.

* Bijeshwori Temple (बिजेश्वोरी मन्दिर) : Its in Dallu, Kathmandu.

Harati Devi Temple (हारती देवी मन्दिर): its near Bijeshwori temple and Chhauni, Kathmandu.

* Naxal Bhagawati (नक्साल भगवती ) : It is situated in Naxal, Kathmandu.

* Taleju Bhawani (तलेजु भवानी) : There are three Taleju bhawani temples in Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur districts. This temple is linked with Mithila Kingdom of Simraungarh (1097-1324). It is said that the last King Hari Singa Dev escaped from Simraungrah to Kathmandu valley with Taleju bhawani.

* Shankata (संकटा) : Its in the heart of Kathmandu city just next to Kathmandu Darbur Square.

* Baglamukhi (बगलामुखी) : It is in Lalitpur district not too far from the Kathmandu.

* Palanchowk Bhagawati (पलान्चोक भगवती) : It is in Kavre district almost 50 miles from the Kathmandu city.

* Nala Bhagawati (नाला भगवती): It is located in Nala Ugrachandi v.d.c. in Kabhre district near Banepa city. 

State no 1 & 2 (Eastern & South Central Nepal)

* Pathivara, Taplejung (ठूली पाथिभरा) : there are two temples of the same name "Pathivara" in eastern Nepal, The northern is considered big (thulo) and southern is considered small (sano). Thulo pathibhara is in district of Taplejung on the lap of Himalaya. It is kind of hard to reach there, but still thousands of people visit there every year.

* Pathivara, Illam (सानो पाथिभरा): The Sano pathibhara temple is at Illam district, near an easily accessible Mechi highway. It is almost an hour drive from city of Birtamode, Jhapa. You have to climb almost half mile long stair to reach to the temple at the top the the hill.

Pathivara, Illam
* Dantyakali (दंत्यकाली) : It is in eastern city of Dharan. Its believed that teeth of goddess Sati was fallen here.

* Gadhimai (गढीमाई) : It is in south eartern Bara district. Widely disputed "Gadhimai Festival" is organized here in every 5 years.

* Jalpadevi (जाल्पादेवी) : This temple is situated in Chintang village almost 5 miles far from Dhankuta. The temple is also caled as Chintang devi.

* Kalinchok Bhagawati (कालिन्चोक भगवती) : It is situated in Dolakha district.

State no 4,5,6,7 (Western Nepal)

* Bindhyabasini Temple, Pokhara (बिन्ध्याबासिनी मन्दिर) : It is located at famous tourist city of Pokhara in western Nepal.

* Taal Barahi Temple, Pokhara (ताल बाराही मन्दिर) : It is located at the center of Fewa Taal at Pokhara in western Nepal.

* Akaladevi Temple, Tanahun (अकलादेवी मन्दिर, तनहुँ ) : It is near Kathmandu-Pokhara highway.

* Udipur Kalika Temple, Lamjung (उदीपुर कालिका मन्दिर) : It is situated in Udipur town of Besisahar Municipality in Lamjung district.

Chhangchhangdi Temple, Syangja (छाँगाछाङ्दी मन्दीर, स्याङ्जा) : Its located in Syangja District Chhangchhangdi  VDC.

* Bala Tripura Sundari Temple, Dolpa (बाला त्रिपुरा सुन्दरी देवी मन्दिर) : Its located in Tripurakot VDC, Dolpa district, Karnali zone. This temple is said to be established in the year 1114. Satidevi's back was fallen here during world tour of Mahadev carrying her dead body.

* Badi Malika Temple, Bajura (बडी मालिका मन्दिर) : Its located in Bajura district. This place is said to be the Mallagiri mountain described in Swasthani brata katha were Satidevi's left shoulder was fallen.

* Daunne Devi Temple, Nawalparasi  (दाउन्ने देबी मन्दीर) : It is located Nawalparasi district by EastWest Highway.

* Maula Kalika Temple, Nawalparasi (मौलाकालिका मन्दिर): It is the temple of Goddess Kalika located at Gaindakot, Nawalparasi district.

* Kalika Temple, Bharatpur (कालिका मन्दिर, भरतपुर) : It is located in Bharatpur, Chitwan.

Zakhadi Mai Mandir, Bharatpur (जखडी माइ मन्दीर, भरतपुर) : It is located in Bharatpur, Chitwan.

Bageshwori Temple, Nepalgunj (बागेश्वर मन्दिर) : Its in the heart of Nepalgunj city.

Deuti Bajyai, Banke (देउती बज्यै मन्दीर) : It is near city of Kohalpur in Banke District.