Barbarik/ Yalambar

The war of Mahabharat was fought between Pandav and Kaurav in Kurukshetra (present day Haryana, India). The date of war is believed to be between 6000 BCE to 500 AD according to different claims. It lasted for 18 days. Among 15,30,900 solders of Pandav and 24,05,700 solders of Kaurav side only 12 were survived, 8 from Pandav and 4 from Kaurav side. The massive casualties this war makes it comparable with world wars I and II. Before and during the war both sides tried to invite other kingdoms of the South Asian region to support their campaign.

At that time there was 'Kirat dynasty' ruling most of the center part of present day Nepal. Historian believe that Kirat dynasty ruled for several centuries from the first king Yalambar to the last king Gasti from around 800 BCE to 300 AD.

Barbarik is one of the character in Mahabharat. He is believed to be son of Ghatotkach and Ahilawati and grandson of Bhim (one of the pandav) and Hidinbi. In Mahabharat, Lord Krishna believes that Barbarik can be the most dangerous man in the war. Barbarik wants to join the war from the weaker side. But he is so strong that whichever side he would join the another side would be weaker, so he had to change the side again and again to support weaker side and eventually he would destroy everybody. Krishna trick-fully makes him chop off his head. Barbarik looses his head but according to his will Krishna allows him to see the war by his 'head without body' which still survives.

In Nepal, first king of Kirat dynasty Yalambar is sometimes believed to be Barbaric of Mahabharat. After the war the head of Yalambar was brought back to Kathmandu by tantra and set in Indrachowk, Kathmandu. This place is now worshiped as Aakash Bhairav, as god of sky.

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