Nepal in ancient epics 3 - Biratnagar

According to Mahahbarat Pandavs, losing in gambling with Kaurav, were forced to go exile for 13 years. They had to spend the first 12 years in forest and the last year had to be spent incognito (Gupta bas), and if they get uncovered during the 13th year, another cycle of 13 years had to be enforced.

During the 12 years of exile Pandavs visited several places of present day India and Nepal. For the 13th year they choose Biratnagar to live under-covered.

There are at least two places which claim to be same Biratnagar where pandavas lived their last year. One is the city of Biratnagar in present day Nepal.

Buddhanagar (बुद्ध नगर) : Its is believed that Pandavs with wife Draupadi entered to Nepal through Buddhanagar, a suburb of Biratnagar. King Birat (Virat) let them stay in palace giving them various jobs. Archaeological survey in 1960 found ruins of a temple estimated to be built around 1 century BCE, which is also the approximate time of Mahabharat.

Kichakbadh (किचकबध) During the exile Bhima had to killed Kichak for abusing Draupadi. There is a place in Jhapa district, the adjoining district, called Kichakbadh just within 50 kms of Biratnagar. This place is believed to be the one where Kichak was killed.

Kichakbadh, Jhapa

Arjundhara (अर्जुनधारा ): There is also a famous temple called Arjundhara in Jhapa district. It is believed that Arjun used to come to this place with his cows. One day he felt thirsty but there was no water around there. To make the water, he hit the ground with his arrow. It made a hole on the ground through which water evolved and Arjun and his cows quenched their thirst. The pond lying next to the temple is still believed to be filled with water from the hole made by Arjun.

Idol of Arjun at the pond near Arjundhara Temple, Jhapa
Arjundhara Temple, Jhapa

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