Mithila region - Janakpurdham

Mithila region is in the south eastern plain of Nepal. City of Janakpur, located in Dhanusha district, is the cultural center of Mithila region.

(This article also includes ancient Videha Kingdom, middle age Kingdom of Simraungrah, and present day Mithila region of Nepal.)

History of the region is linked to the ancient Hindu epics Ramayana and Mahabharata.

According to Ramayana Goddess Sita (सीता) was the daughter of King Janaka (जनक) who was also known as Videha (विदेह). And his kingdom used to be known as 'Videha Kingdom'. The estimated time duration of the kingdom is 1100 BC to 500 BC. Janakpurdham (जनकपुरधाम) was the capital city of  'Videha Kingdom' (विदेह) of the Mithila region (मिथिला).

According to Ramayana when Sita grew up the King Janaka announced that she would merry to the person who can string the Pinaka Dhanush (पिनाक धनुष), the divine bow of Lord Shiva. King organized a "Syambar" (स्वयंवर) ceremony for that. Many royal suitors attended the ceremony and tried but all of them failed. They could not even lift the bow. Finally Lord Ram (राम), prince of Ayodhya (अयोध्या), came forward and did that very easily. Hence he married Goddess Sita. As Rama and Sita are major figures in Hinduism, Janakpur is an important pilgrimage site for Hindus.

Today the marriage is celebrated by pilgrims going Baarat/Janti (बारात/ जन्ती) from Ayodhya, India (hometown of Lord Ram) to Janakpur, Nepal (hometown of Goddess Sita). In Hindu wedding, Baarat/ Janti  are the people from Bridegroom's side who attend the wedding ceremony which usually occurs in Brides's home. This week long ceremony of Ram-Sita wedding is celebrated in every 5 years. Distance between Ayodhya to Janakpur is around 466 km / 290 miles.

Between 1097 AD to 1324 AD Karnat dynasty ruled the region making Simraungadh(सिम्रौनगढ) their capital city. Simraungadh, which is now located in Bara district, is about 50 miles from Janakpur.

Way before 1609 AD the region came under powerful Sen Kingdom of Makwanpur which ruled entire south eastern parts of Nepal including traditional Mithila region, Limbuwan region and south central Nepal.

Sen Kingdom of Makwanpur was integrated into Nepal by the Great King Prithvi Narayan Shah in 1762 AD.

Interim constitution of Nepal, 2007 declared Nepal to be federal republic. In 2012, the State Reorganization Commission of Nepal proposed to divide the country into 11 states, one of which would be Mithila.

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