Masto god

Masto God (Kuldevta, कुलदेवता) are the ancestral deity. It is the major deity of Khas people mainly found in the villages of Karnali, Seti and Mahakali zone in Nepal. There is no specific statue or image of Masto God however in some places especially in jungle, Kul Dhamis (कुल धामी) sometimes make the images of Masto with mud as a means to worship the god. 

Originally there were 36 mastos of Khas people. Only 12 mastos are popular now.

These are as follows:-

1. Adi Masto 2. Khappar / Khapad Masto 3. Babiro Masto

4. Rumal Masto 5. Kala Masto 6. Dhadare Masto

7. Tharpa Masto 8. Bani Masto 9. Kaba Masto

10. Mandali Masto 11. Dade Masto/Dudhe Masto 12. Darhe Masto

Masto is worshipped in a holy corner in a house called Ghar Bhandar. Some people employ Kul Dhami to worship masto as well.

During the practice of shamanism, Jhankri (झाँक्री, Shaman) calls Masto God's spirit within his body. It is said when Masto God enters into the body of a Jhankri, he can perform various divinely miracles.


4., masto god

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