List of Krishna Temples in Nepal

Lord Krishna, Lord Rama and many other deities are considered to be the avatar (incarnation) of Lord Vishnu in the different ages. There are several temples specially dedicated to Vishnu, Krishna, Rama in Nepal. This list is about Lord Krishna (and his consort).

Kathmandu Valley and Central Nepal (8)

Krishna Mandir of Patan (पाटनको कृष्ण मन्दिर) : Krishna Mandir of Patan is Iconic Krishna Temple in Nepal. Its located in ancient Patan Darbar Square, city of Lalitpur. The whole Darbar square including this temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Krishna Mandir of Patan, Lalitpur
Radha Krishna Temple, Pako, New Road, Kathmandu

Radha Krishna Temple, Balajutar, Kathmandu

Krishna Pranami Mandir, Motitar, Lalitpur

Krishna Pranami Mandir, Banepa

Radha Krishna Temple, Hetauda

Krishna Pranami Mandir, Birgunj

Krishna Pranami Mandir, Nijanand Dham, Rauthat

Eastern Nepal-----------------------------(8)

Krishna Pranami Mandir, Pokhariya, Biratnagar

Krishna Mandir, Koshi Highway, Itahari, Morang

Krishna Pranami Mandir, Pathivara Tole, Itahari, Morang

Krishna Pranami Mandir, Biratchowk, Indrapur, Morang

Krishna Pranami Mandir Dhulabari, Mechinagar, Jhapa

Krishna Pranami Mandir, Sanischare, Jhapa

Krishna Pranami Temple, Kotihom (Kankai River), Surunga, Jhapa

Radha Krishna Mandir, Damak, Jhapa

Western Nepal------------------------(2)

Krishna Pranami Mandir, Ratnanagar, Chitwan

Radha Krishna Temple, Nawalparasi