Timeline of Rana era in Nepal

This article covers all important events during 104 years long Rana dynasty of Prime-Ministership in Nepal lasted from 1848 to 1951. (*being updated)

Balnarsingh Kunwar (1783 Feb 2-1881 Dec 24), father of JBR, was an member of Royal court of King Rana Bahadur Shah (regin 1777 Nov 17– 1799 March 8). He killed Sher Bahadur Shah, the murderer of the King Rana during a court in retaliation and got huge respect in the Royal court.

1817 Jun 18: Jung Bahadur Kunwar born.

1835: Jung Bahadur Kuwar become Second Lieutenant in the Army.
1840: Jung Bahadur became Captain in the army.
1843 Dec 25: Mathbarsingh Thapa, maternal-uncle of JBR became Prime Minister.
1845 May 17: JBR killed PM Mathbarsingh by the order of King & Queen.
1845: Jung Bahadur promoted to Major General in the Army.
1845 Sep 23: Fateh Jung Shah became Prime Minister.
1846 Sep 14: Kot massacre in Nepal. 40 people including PM Fateh Jung killed by Jung Bahadur.
1846 Sep 15: Jung Bahadur Kunwar became Prime Minister and Commander in Chief and laid the foundation of Rana dynasty in Nepal.

1848: Jung Bahadur got the title "Rana".
1850 Apr-1851 Feb: JBR visited Britain, France and Egypt.
1856 Aug 6: JBR declared himself as the King of Lamjung & Kaski (districts of Nepal) and granted the title "Sri 3"  symbolizing himself just under the King of Nepal -"Sri 5".

1877 Feb 25: Ranodip Singh (brother of JBR) became 2nd Rana Prime Minister.
1885 Nov 22: Bir Shumsher Jung Bahadur Rana (nephew of JBR) became 3rd Prime Minister.
1901 Mar 5:  Dev Shumsher JBR (brother of Bir Shamsher) became 4th Rana PM.
1901 Jun 27: Chandra Shumsher (brother of Bir Shamsher) became 5th Rana PM.
1929 Nov 26: Bhim Shamsher (brother of Bir Shamsher) became 6th Rana PM.
1932 Sep 1: Juddha Shumsher (brother of Bir Shamsher) became 7th Rana PM.
1945 Nov 29:  Padma Shumsher (nephew of Judda Shamsher) became 8th Rana PM.
1948 Apr 30: Mohan Shumsher (cousin of Padma Shamsher) became 9th Rana PM.