Kathmandu-Nijgadh FAST-TRACK

Kathmandu Terai Fast Track (काठमाडौँ तराई द्रुत मार्ग) is a Expressway under construction which joins national capital city Kathmandu to terai flatlands of Nepal within an hour. This project is categorized as a national pride project (राष्ट्र गौरव आयोजना) and expected to complete in 2022.

The 76.4 km long road will join Khokana suburb of Lilitpur to Nijgadh, Bara in State no 2 Madhesh. There will be a 1.5 KM long tunnel (in Thingan, Makwanpur), 99 bridges and 6 overhead bridges along the way. The road will be 23 meter wide in hill area and 25 meter wide in the plains.
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Kathmandu Nijgadh fast track (source: The Himalayan Times)

2009 Nov 9: Nepal Army started opening track for fast track.
2013 Mar 10: Nepal army completed the opening of track and handed over to the gov.
2015 Mar 13: Govt decided to sign agreement to indian company ILFS to make DPR of fast track.
2015 Jul 31: ILFS made DPR according to which travel time will be under an hour.
2016 Nov 20: KP Oli cabinet cancelled the fast track construction deal with Indian company Infrastructure Leasing and Financial Services Ltd (ILFS). Company DPR had estimated price US $1,117 million for the project.
2016 Dec 22: cabinet formed a panel to study and consult about fast track construction.
2017 Feb 20: 7 member panel formed to study fast track submitted its report to gov, urging it to run the project on its own investment.
2017 May 4: Prachand Govt decided to give responsibility to construct fast track to Nepal Army.
2017 May 28: PM Prachanda laid foundation of fast track. It is expected to be constructed in 4 years.
2017 June 13: Nepal Army begin field assessment.
2017 June 22: Deuba cabinet endorsed the work procedure of fast track.
2017 Aug 11: govt officially handed over the fast track project to Nepal Army.
2017 Sep 20: Nepal Army said it will amend the DPR to reduce the height of bridges.
2017 Dec 13: Nepal army started tree cutting in Nijgadh sector for fast track.
2018 Jan 1: Army said fast tack is expedited.
2018 Jan 16: Nepal army announced to make their own DPR for fast track.
2018 Mar: Residents of Khokana, Karyabinayak, Lalitpur protested against the fast-track.(li)(li)
2018 May 25: Starting point of fast track may be changed to farsidole because of obstruction of local from khokana. (li)
2018 May 29: govt gave budget of about 15 arb 40 crore for coming fiscal year for the road. budget for current fiscal year is 10 arb 14 crore. Total budget of the fast track is estimated to be 111 arb. (li)  This amount was 1 arb and 5 arb in 2015 and 2016 budget respectively. (li)

Along the Bagmati River:
Khokana, Lalitpur (Karyabinayak Municipality)
Chalnakhel, Kathandu (Dakshinkali Municipality)
Daksinkali, Kathmandu  (Dakshinkali Municipality)
Sisneri, Makwanpur (Indrasarobar Gaupalika)
Ipa Gadhi, Makwanpur (Bhimphedi Gaupalika)

Tunnel @ Thingan Hill, Makwanpur (Bakaiya Gaupalika)

Chhatiwan, Makwanpur (Bakaiya Gaupalika)
Dhiyal, Makwanpur  (Bakaiya Gaupalika)
Ratanpuri, Bara (Nijgadh Municipality)
Lal gaun, Bara (Nijgadh Municipality)
Nijgadh Nagarpalika, Bara @ East-West Highway

Kathmandu-Hetauda Tunnel Way was a  proposed road of about 58 kms long including 3.67 km long tunnel between Sisneri and Bhimphedi. This Tunnel-way would connect Kathmandu and Hetauda within 1 hour driving time. Nepal Infrastructure Development Company Ltd (NIDCL) was the constructer of the project. The original estimated cost of the project was 37 Billion NPR. NIDCL collected 317.6 million NPR from the public.  In 2013 Dec NIDCL started initial track opening. But the financial mismanagement and fight between the board members damaged the project.  In 2017 Sep, Infrastructure minister Bir Bahadur Balayar cancelled the permit given to NIDCL as being too late.  (li) (li)(YouTube)
Board Presidents:  कृष्णलाल केसी, भवन भट्ट, कुशकुमार जोशी // नेपाल पूर्वाधार विकास कम्पनी लिमिटेड
Other Board Members: प्रदिपजंग पाण्डे, जयराम लामिछाने, बिक्रम पाण्डे (RPP), सुकुन्तलाल हिराचन, सुवासभन्द्र ठकुरी (local falilitator), नुगल आनन्द बैद्य, खुस्बु श्रेष्ठ, राजुमान महर्जन, मोहन बस्नेत
CEO: सुवर्णलाल बज्राचार्य, सनत न्यौपाने

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