List of Rastriya sabha nepal members

Start Date: 1991 June 26
House tenure: permanent.
Member's tenure: 6 years (first time: 2, 4, 6 years)
Total Members: 60 (35 elected from parliament, 15 from 5 regions & 10 nominated by the King)

Article 46 (2) of Constitution of Kingdom of Nepal 1990 said "The National Assembly shall be a permanent House. The tenure of office of one-third of its members shall expire every two years." 
And 46 (3) said "The tenure of office of the members of the National Assembly shall be six years: Provided that, for the first time, after the commencement of this Constitution, arrangements shall be made by drawing lots to retire one-third of the members on the expiry of two years, another one-third on the expiry of four years, and the final one-third on the expiry of six years."

Nepal's both houses National assembly & House of representative were replaced by "Interim Legislature" after implementation of Interim Constitution in 2007 January 15.

New constitution of Nepal 2015 also provisioned the similar house with same name. The new "National Assembly" will have 59 members 8 each from 7 states and 3 nominated by the president.

List of members from old National assembly (1990-2007)

Chairman (from 1999): Dr. Mohammad Mohsin (मोहम्मद मोहसिन)
Opposition Leader: Madhab Kumar Nepal (माधब कुमार नेपाल) (UML)
Jagdish Shamsher JBR (जगदीशशम्शेर जबरा) (NC) (1993)

tages: नेपालको पुरानो राष्ट्रिय सभा सदस्यहरु