List of Nepal related organization in USA

Resident List of all Nepal-related organizations in the US.


* Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA)

* Association of Nepalese in Americas

* America Nepal Society 1967


* Association of Nepali Physicians in America (ANPA)

* Americal Nepal Medical Foundation

* Society of American Nepalese Nurse (SAAN)

* Nepalese American Nurse Association (NANA)

* American Society of Nepalese Engineers (ASNEngr)

* Association of Nepali Physicists in America

* International Network For Nepali Journalists- INNJA

* Nepal Americal Journalist Association (NEAJA)

* Association of Nepalese Mathematicians in America

* Association of Nepalese Agricultural Professionals of Americas

* International Nepali Literature Society (INLS)

* Nepal America Flim Society

* America Nepal Helping Society

* Adhikaar (Human Right) 

* JanaSamparka Samiti USA (related to Nepali Congress Party)


* Newah Organization America (NOA)

* Association of Nepali Teraiian in Americas

* Federation of Indigenous Women of Nepal in America ( FIWNA) link 

* Federation of Indigenous Peoples of Nepal in America - FIPNA

* Nepalese American Social Organization for Oppress Community (NASO)


* Association of Nepalis in Mid West America (ANMA)

* Nepalese Association of Southeast America

* Nepalis and Friends Association, ARIZONA

State/ Local


Nepalese Society of California (NSC)

Nepali Association of Northern California-NANC (

Sri Pashupatinath Foundation

Nepal America Ekata Samaj

New York

Albany New York Nepalese Society


Nepalese Association of Houston

Nepalese Society, Texas

Texas Nepalese Medical Association

Nepalese Society of Texas

Greater Austin Nepali Society

San Antonio Nepali Association (SANA)

Bhutanese Nepali

* Association of Bhutanese in America (ABA)

* Organization of Bhutanese Communities in America (OBCA)

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