English-Nepali Medical Terminologies

This post intends to list medical terminologies in English and its respective Nepali translation. Use Ctrl+F or Command+F in mac to find your word.

English name of common Nepali food, spices, etc

This is the list of Nepali spices, vegetables, fruits, lentils, cereals, etc translated into English.

Timeline of federal structure of Nepal

This is a timeline-list of federal structures, that were purposed before the new constitution was promulgated in 2015 and the series of relevant events following that. 

Madhya Pahadi Lokmarga, fast track etc

Mid-hill highway (मध्य पहाडी लोकमार्ग / Madhya Pahadi Lokmarga) is a under-construction highway in the hilly regions of Nepal which will run all the way from Chiyabhanjyang (Panchathar) in the east to Jhulaghat (Baitadi) in the far-west for about 1,765 kms. This highway will run somehow parallel to the present East-West Highway (1,024 km) which runs through plain area. About 1,000 kms road of Mid-hill hw is already in existence in different names whereas above 750 kms is new construction for which all tracks have been opened already.

Hulaki Rajmarga

Hulaki Rajmarga or Hulaki Highway (हुलाकी राजमार्ग) is a long time under construction highway of about 1,700 kms in terai plains which aims to connect eastern part of Nepal to the far western part. Most of time this highway will run very near to the Indo-Nepal border and somehow parallel to the present East-West highway which also runs through terai plains but about 20 miles north. Since the government keeps changing the route, the expected length of this highway is fluctuating between 1,663km to 1,792km. (li,li)