List of Shiva Temples in Nepal

Lord Shiva is one of the most worshiped deity in Nepal. Pashupati, Kailash, Mahadev, Bhole baba, Shankar, Shambhu, Nilkantha, Jagdishwor, Nataraj, Rudra etc are the names also used for Lord Shiva. In general practice in Nepal, several different deities are worshiped inside a temple which is designated for one specific deity. For example in Rama/Sita mandir, we may also find Hanuman, Ganesh, Shiva/Parvati or other deities. Therefore, in almost every Hindu temples in Nepal Bhagwan Shiva is usually worshiped.

Following is the list of temples or places specifically dedicated for Lord Shiva (62)

State no 3 (Kathmandu Valley & Central Nepal)

Shree Pashupatinath Temple (श्री पशुपतिनाथ मन्दिर) : this is the greatest and most significant Hindu temple in the world. It is situated in the heart of city Kathmandu, and very close to the Tribhuvan Intl Airport almost within 2 miles. The temple is believed to be more than 2000 years old. It is also a UNESCO world heritage site.

Shree Pashupatinath Temple, Kathmandu

Kailasnath Mahadev Statue (कैलाशनाथ महादेव मुर्ति) : being of 143 ft, this is the world's tallest statue of Lord Shiva. Its situated in Sanga Hill, Bhaktapur, Nepal and almost 30 min / 20 km ride from Kathmandu city center.

Kailashnath Mahadev Statue, Bhaktapur

Doleshwor Mahadev Temple (डोलेश्वोर महादेव मन्दिर) : Its the head part of the famous Indian temple Kedarnath. Its located in Sipatole, Bhaktapur district.

Doleshwor Mahadev, Bhaktapur
Gokarna Mahadev Temple, Kathmandu (गोकर्ण महादेव मन्दिर) : Its inside Kathmandu valley almost 8 miles away from Kathmandu city center. People who lost their father visit this temple on Gokarna Aunsi, which falls around September.

Gokarna Mahadev Temple

Shiva Parvati Temple, Kathmandu (शिव पार्वती मन्दिर) : Its situated in "Kathmandu Darbar Square" in the heart of Kathmandu city. Its also known as Mahadev-Parvati Temple. Kathmandu Darbar Square including this temple is a UNESCO world heritage site.
Shiva Parvati Temple, Kathmandu Darbar Square

Gyaneshwor Mahadev Temple, Kathmandu (ज्ञानेश्वर महादेव मन्दिर,  काठमाडौँ) : It is located at Gyandhara, Kathmandu near busy city center Dillibazar.

Gyaneshwor Mahadeve Temple, Kathmandu

Santaneshwor Mahadev Temple (Bajra Barahi) (सन्तानेश्वर महादेव/ बज्र बाराही) : It is located in Jharuwarasi VDC in Lalitpur District.  It is believed that the people who do not have children, once they please Lord Shiva visiting Santaneshwor Mahadev Temple then their lap would not get barren.

Aadinath Mahadev (आदिनाथ महादेव) : Its located near Sitapaila, Kathmandu.

Yamaleshwor Mahadev Temple : It is located at Kanti Path, Kathmandu

Shree Bhuvneshwar Mahadev Temple : It is located at Layaku,  Basantapur, Kathmandu

Shree Suryamukhi Mahadev Temple : It is located at Layaku, Kathmandu

Shree Kapileshwor Mahadev : It is located at Paropakar Marga, Kathmandu

Kalmochan Mahadev Temple : It is located at Tripura Marg, Kathmandu

Dayeshwor Mahadev : It is located at Bungol Marg, Lazimpat, Kathmandu

Shree Mrityunjayeshwar Mahadev Temple : It is located at Panipokhari, Kathmandu

Govrateshwor Mahadev Temple (Luvu) (गोभ्राटेश्वर महादेव) : Its located in Luvu VDC in Lalitpur.

Ratneshwor Mahadev  : It is located at Mikhabahal, Lalitpur.

Yaksheshwor Mahadeva Temple (यक्षेस्वर महादेव मन्दिर) : Its located in Bhaktapur district.

Aananta Lingeshwor Mahadev (अनन्त लिंगेश्वर महादेव) : Its located in Gundu, Bhaktapur district.

Latalamashor Mahadev : It is located near Kailashnath Mahadev statue by Araniko highway.

Bikateshwor Mahadev Temple : It is located near Kailashnath Mahadev statue by Araniko highway.

Kapiladev Mahadev : It is located at Nangkhel VDC-6, Palanse.

Bhakteshwar Mahadev : It is located at Kirtipur-15.

Bhimmukteshwar Mandir : Its located in Kalimati, Kathmandu. This temple was built by Mathwar Sing Thapa, prime minister and relative of Bhimsen Thapa. Temple is located at the same river-side where Bhimsen's body lied dead.

Ranamukteshwar Mandir :  Its located behind Sundhara in Kathmandu. This temple was built by Bhimsen Thapa in 1827 in memory of King Rana Bahadur Shah, who was assassinated at the same place. It is constructed in Rajput style which is not found in Nepal very often.

Aashapuri Mahadev Temple : It is located in Ryale, Bhaktapur. Kailsahnath mahadev statue is in same area in north of Araniko highway. This temple is in south.

Ugreshwor Mahadev Temple : It is located at Banepa, Kavre.

Nilkantheshwor Mahadev Temple :  It is located at Dhulikhel

Gaukhureshowr Mahadev :  It is located at Resort marga, Dhulikhel

Indreshwor Mahadev Temple :  It is located at Indreshwor Rd, Panauti.

Lokeshor Mahadev Temple : It is located at Bahunbesi- Saharetar Rd, Narjamandap

Kabilash Mahadev Temple : It is located near Lokeshwor Mahadev Temple.

Jagabaijyeshwor Mahadev Temple (जग-विजयश्वर महादेव) : Its located at Trebeni ghat near BP highway.

Dolaleshwor Mahadev Temple (दोलालेश्वर महादेव) : Its located at Dolalghat, Kabhre.

Kapileshwor Mahadev Temple (कपिलेश्वर महादेव) : Its located on Araniko highway almost mid point of Kathmandu to Kodari.

Chakreswori Mahadev Than, Sangba (चक्रेश्वरी महादेव) : Its located near Gaurishankhar Conservation area.

Satyeswor Mahadev Mandir (सत्येश्वर महादेव) : It is located near Hetauda by East-West highway.

Khandeshwor Mahadev Temple (खन्डेश्वर महादेव): It is located at Ambhanjyang on Tribhuvan Rajpath near Hetauda.

State no 1 (Eastern Nepal)

Halesi Mahadev (हलेसी महादेव) : It is located in Khotang district inside the massive cave. It is popular as The Pashupatinath of the eastern Nepal. There are three mysterious caves which are believed to be the three eyes of Lord Shiva. The natural cave is estimated to be in existence since 6000 years

Halesi Mahadev, Khotang

Arjundhara Temple, Jhapa (अर्जुनधारा मन्दिर, झापा) : its in Jhapa district in south eastern Nepal. Its also considered to be the Pashupatinath of east.

Arjundhara Temple, Jhapa

Trailokyeshor Mahadev, Dhankuta (त्रैलोक्येश्वर महादेव) : Its located in Kurule Tenupa VDC, Dhankuta. 

Pashupati Mandir, Damak, Jhapa (पशुपति मन्दिर, दमक, झापा) : Its located in Damak municipality of south eastern district of Jhapa.

Nandeshwor Mahadev, Jhapa (नन्देश्वर महादेव) : It is located at Bahundangi VDC, Jhapa.

Swargapuri Mahadev Temple, Illam (स्वर्गपुरी महादेव मन्दिर, ईलाम) : It is located at Ravi, Illam.

Kiranteshwar Mahadev : It is located by Pangma - Heluwabesi Rd.

Banaskhandi Mahadev Mandir, Biratnagar (बनसखन्डी महादेव मन्दिर) : Its located at Devkota Chowk, Biratnagar, Morang.

State no 2 (South Central Nepal - Madhesh)

Jaleshwor Mahadev Temple, Mahottari (जलेश्वर महादेव मन्दिर, महोत्तरी) : It is located in south eastern district of Mahottari, not too far from famous Ram Janaki Temple in Janakpurdham.

Jaleshwor Mahadev Temple

Shiva Mandir, Dhanusha (शिव मन्दिर, धनुषा) : Its situated in Janakpurdham, Dhanusha district near very famous Ramjanaki mandir on South eastern part of Nepal. Janakpurdham is linked with shiva as shiva had given his bow (pinaka) to ancestors of King Janak for safe-keeping. Bhagwan Ram incidentally break the dhanush during the swyamber with Sita.

Malegileshwori Mahadev Mandir : Its located near near Chandranigahpur (Cha'pur) by East west highway.

State no 4, 5, 6, 7 (Western Nepal)

Sidda Baba Temple, Palpa (सिद्ध बाबा मन्दिर) : It is located at the border of Palpa and Rupendehi districts near Butwal city next to the Siddartha highway on the way to Pokhara.

Sidda Baba Temple
Pandabeshwor Mahadev, Dang (पाण्डवेश्वर महादेव) : Its located in Dharapani of Dharna VDC -1, Dang district in western Nepal. World's largest Trishul (Trident, त्रिशुल) of Bhagwan Shiva is recently established in 2015 February. The height of Trishul is 55.5 feet and weight is 8,113 kg. Its made of Panchadhatu (the five metals) i.e. Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass and Iron. 
Pandabeshwor Mahadev, Dang
Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave, Pokhara (गुप्तेश्वोर महादेव गुफा) : Its located in beautiful city of Pokhara. The cave is 140 meter long in total and divided into two parts. At the end of the first part there is a Shiva Temple after 40 meters. Second part goes all the way to 100 meters. At the end which we can see the beautiful view of Davi's Fall from underground.

Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave, Pokhara

Kedareshwor Mahadev, Kaski (केदारेश्वर महादेव, कास्की): It is located at Kaski district in western Nepal.

Kedareshwor Mahadev Temple, Kaski
Dhudeshwor Mahadev : Its located at Jita, Lamjung.

Ishaneshwor Mahadev : It is located at Bhorletar near Pokhara.

Shree Karpureswor Mahadev Temple : It is located at Besisahar, Lamjung.

Bhim Bireshwor Mahadev Temple : It is located at Namjung VDC, Gorkha

Bhirgetungeshwar Mahadev Mandir : It is located at Chandi Bhanjyang

Nilkantha Mahadev Temple : It is located near Bhirgetungeshwar Mahadev Mandir.

Vidyeshwar Mahadev Mandir : It is located near Davghat.

Trinetreshwor Mahadev Temple : It is located by East-West Hwy near Tikapur.

Mugling Gupteshwor Mahadev Temple : It is located at mungling Narayangarn khand by Prithvi highway.

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