List of important shiva temples worldwide


*Pashupatinath Temple, Kathmandu

*Doleshwor Mahadev, Bhaktapur (believed to be the head part of Kedarnath temple, India)

*Haleshi Mahadev, Khotang

Nepali native units of measurements

This post lists all measurement units used in Nepal.

English-Nepali Medical Terminologies

This post intends to list medical terminologies in English and its respective Nepali translation. Use Ctrl+F or Command+F in mac to find your word.

English name of common Nepali food, spices, etc

This is the list of Nepali spices, vegetables, fruits, lentils, cereals, etc translated into English.

Timeline of federal structure of Nepal

This is a timeline-list of federal structures, that were purposed before the new constitution was promulgated in 2015 and the series of relevant events following that.