Coronavirus and other previous outbreaks

Some outbreak of coronavirus like viral diseases in recent memory.

Zika virus started in early 2015 from Brazil ultimately spreading in the Americas and Asia. This virus can cause neurological damage to the fetus of a pregnant woman whereas it can cause Guillain–BarrĂ© syndrome to adults. This virus was mostly contained by the end of 2016.

Ebola virus outbreak started in 2013 December from a west African country Guinea. It severely affected countries like Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, etc killing over 11,000 people among over 28,000 confirmed cases. It was effectively controlled by the end of 2015.

MARS virus (sometimes known as camel flu) outbreak started in 2012 from Saudi Arabia affecting many countries, most notably South Korea in 2015. This virus was originated from bats. The humans got this from camels. The fatality rate of this virus was 35.2% of people who contracted it.

Swine flu pandemic started in early 2009 first appearing in Mexico. It is believed to affect over 10% of the global population (over 700 million people) killing about 500,000 until it was controlled by the end of 2010. CDC says the flu affected nearly 61 million people in the US causing 12,469 deaths.

SARS virus outbreak started in Nov 2002 from Guangdong, China which ultimately affected 8,098 people killing 774 or 9.6% of them worldwide. It was eventually controlled in July 2003.

Human anatomy

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