Dr Govinda KC's hunger strike

Dr Govinda KC is a senior orthopedic surgeon and activist in healthcare sector in Nepal. As of 2018 he has done hunger strike for 15 times with various demands.

History of Nepali Language

Khas Kura used to be the language of Khas Empire of Western Nepal (11th-14th century). Khas language was already a developed language by then. Gorkha was one of the successor kingdom of Khas Empire after it broke down. As Gorkha united all small kingdoms in the himalayan region during 1744-1806, Khas language then called Gorkhali language. When that country started to referred as Nepal as a whole, Gorkha language became Nepali language.

List of all members of provincial assemblies of Nepal

This is the list of all winning and nominated members of provincial assembly from State 1 to State 7. For the list of all parliament members (1959-2017): Click Here.

Koshi agreement, uchcha bandh & barrage

Saptakoshi is one of the 3 major river system in Nepal, other two being Gandaki/Narayani and Karnali. The main three tributary rivers of Sapta Koshi are Tamor, Arun & Sunkoshi which meet near Barahchhetra, Sunsari (@26.91, 87.16) and pass 10km long Chatra Gorge before entering terai plains of Nepal where is runs for about 25 kms before entering India. Kosi River joins Gange River after running 295km in Bihar, India.

Timeline of Bhutanese Refugees and Lhotshampas

Bhutanese people of Nepali ethnic origin are known as Lhotshampa (southerners) in Bhutan as majority of them lived in southern parts of Bhutan. Nepalese people are said to be immigrated to Bhutan as early as 1620 AD. First King of Bhutan (Druk Gyalpo) Ugyen Wangchuck ruled from 1907-1926.