Timeline of Republic of Nepal (2008 - present)

This timeline covers each and every relevant political events of Nepal since removal of monarchy in 2008 to present. This timeline also covers some non political viral/trends occurred in Nepal to give the idea of the timeframe. (for all timeline before this click here)

Timeline of Kingdom of Nepal (unification 1768 to 2008)

This timeline includes the key events of history of Nepal from during Unification (1768) until end of monarchy (2008). This timeline also includes some world events to give the idea of timeframe. (for timeline after this click here)

Timeline of proposed federal structures

This is the timeline list of proposed federal structures of Nepal before the constitution was promulgated in 2015.

New Federal Structure of Nepal (2015-present)

New constitution of Nepal was promulgated in 2015 Sep 20. According to the new constitution following administrative divisions are established.

Timeline of the Constitution of Nepal 2015

Promulgation the new Constitution of Nepal : Sep 20, 2015