Nepali Legislative Election 2017

Election day: Nov 26 and Dec 7.
Election for: 1 federal parliament and 7 state assemblies.
Election system: 60% FPTP + 40% Proportional
Political parties initially registered with EC (proportional) : 88
Political parties actually contesting (proportional): 49

List of all trekking route in Nepal

These are the most famous trekking route in Nepal. We can of course adjust these route however we want.

List of all mountains in Nepal

There are 14 peaks higher than 8,000 meters in the world and 8 of them are in Nepal. There are 108 7000+meter peaks in the world and among them 34 are in Nepal. There are about 1300 peaks over 6000 meters in Nepal. Northern himalayan districts of Nepal are in so high altitude that sometimes even passes and village are over 5000 meters.

List of Rivers and Khola in Nepal

This is the list of all river systems, rivers and kholas in Nepal. In NepEnglish the term River(Nadi) is used for big rivers originated in Himalayas whereas Khola is used for small rivers. Nepal has three major river systems and several other smaller rivers. All of the rivers in Nepal ultimately drains into Ganges in India which ultimately drains in Indian Ocean in Bangladesh. The given co-ordinates provide approximate key location of the rivers and can be searched using Google maps.

Koshi agreement, uchcha bandh & barrage

Saptakoshi is one of the 3 major river system in Nepal, other two being Gandaki/Narayani and Karnali. The main three tributary rivers of Sapta Koshi are Tamor, Arun & Sunkoshi which meet near Barahchhetra, Sunsari (@26.91, 87.16) and pass 10km long Chatra Gorge before entering terai plains of Nepal where is runs for about 25 kms before entering India. Kosi River joins Gange River after running 295km in Bihar, India.

Timeline of Bhutanese Refugees and Lhotshampas

Bhutanese people of Nepali ethnic origin are known as Lhotshampa (southerners) in Bhutan as majority of them lived in southern parts of Bhutan. Nepalese people are said to be immigrated to Bhutan as early as 1620 AD. First King of Bhutan (Druk Gyalpo) Ugyen Wangchuck ruled from 1907-1926.

Nepal Local Election 2017 Results

Local elections is concluded in all 7 states of Nepal so far in 3 phases. States no 3,4 and 6 had the election in the first phase dated May 14, 2017, states 1,5 and 7 in the second phase dated June 28 and state no 2 had election in the third phase in Sep 18. Total registered voters were 1,40,54,482 and 1,04,31,460 people voted (74.22%).

Each local level will have 1 chief, 1 vice chief and each ward of local levels will have 5 members including 1 ward chief, 1 member woman quota, 1 member dalit woman quota & 2 other members.