Genres of Nepali language music

Nepali music uses two types of musical instruments - 1. Classical Nepali instruments like Madal, Bansuri, Sarangi,  Harmonium, Tabala etc 2. Western musical instruments like Guitar, Bass, Drum set, Keyboard etc. With these instrument combinations, various lyrical style, local culture and international influence many distinct genres have been evolved in Nepali language music industry.

History of Nepali Language

Khas Kura used to be the language of Khas Empire of Western Nepal (11th-14th century). Khas language was already a developed language by then. Gorkha was one of the successor kingdom of Khas Empire after it broke down. As Gorkha united all small kingdoms in the himalayan region during 1744-1806, Khas language then called Gorkhali language. When that country started to referred as Nepal as a whole, Gorkha language became Nepali language.

Nepali loan words from foreign languages

List of Nepali loan words taken from foreign languages.

English name of Nepali spices, fruits & vegetables

This is the list of spices, fruits, vegetables, lentils and cereals primarily used in Nepal or by Nepali diaspora throughout the world translated into english.

English Nepali names of Common Diseases

This is the list of various Disease (रोग) in English and Nepali.