Minority people in Madhesh state

After the new constitution of Nepal was promulgated in 2015 Sep 20, provincial elections conducted in 2017 Nov 26 and Dec 7 and members of all 7 provincial assemblies took oath in 2018 Jan 21 the federalism in Nepal is finally implemented.

History of Nepali Language

Khas Kura used to be the language of Khas Empire of Western Nepal (11th-14th century). Khas language was already a developed language by then. Gorkha was one of the successor kingdom of Khas Empire after it broke down. As Gorkha united all small kingdoms in the himalayan region during 1744-1806, Khas language then called Gorkhali language. When that country started to referred as Nepal as a whole, Gorkha language became Nepali language.

List of all members of provincial assemblies of Nepal

This is the list of all FPTP winner of provincial assemblies from State 1 to State 7. This list also covers members nominated from proportional election of respective states.

List of All members of Nepali Parliament 2017

This post lists winner of federal parliament. For 2017 result of provincial election : click here.

List of all trekking route in Nepal

These are the most famous trekking route in Nepal. We can of course adjust these route however we want.

List of all mountains in Nepal

There are 14 peaks higher than 8,000 meters in the world and 8 of them are in Nepal. There are 108 7000+meter peaks in the world and among them 34 are in Nepal. There are about 1300 peaks over 6000 meters in Nepal. Northern himalayan districts of Nepal are in so high altitude that sometimes even passes are over 5000 meters. For example:- Thorong-La pass in Annapurna Trekking circuit is at 5,416m high. Cho-La pass on Gokyo Trek near Mt Everest is at 5,420m. Ganja-La pass on Langtang Trek is at 5,122m.

List of Rivers and Khola in Nepal

This is the list of all river systems, rivers and kholas in Nepal. In NepEnglish the term River(Nadi) is used for big rivers originated in Himalayas whereas Khola is used for small rivers. Nepal has three major river systems and several other smaller rivers. All of the rivers in Nepal ultimately drains into Ganges in India which ultimately drains in Indian Ocean in Bangladesh. The given co-ordinates provide approximate key location of the rivers and can be searched using Google maps.