Chhettri People

Chhetri or Chhettri or Kshetri or Khatri (क्षेत्री, छेत्री) are all derivatives of Kshatriya. In Nepal Chhetris are considered pahadia, belonging to the hills. They are categorized as Khas. Chhetris speak Nepali language. There is also a small group of traditional non-pahadi Kshatriya living in Terai plains of Nepal. They are categorized as Madheshi.

It is said that in ancient Hindu Varna System (हिन्दू वर्ण व्यवस्था) people used to be categorized in to different caste according to their personal characteristics, conduct and spiritual development. Kshatriya were expected to be warrior, fighter and ruler people. All kings, ministers, army-men were given the title "Kshatriya". But when Verna System changed into Caste System (जति प्रथा) everything messed up. In caste system people are categorized according to their birth not by their character. Present day chhettri people are believed to be the decedents of the ancient Kshatriya.

Five Chhetris were given the title "Kaji" by Prithivi Narayan Shah. They are: Basnet, Kuwar, Pandey, Thapa and Bisht. Nepali word "Kaji" can be translated as Minister into English.

Thakuri are sometimes considered to be a sub-caste of Chhetri. But many Thakuri people do not accept that. Socially a perception has developed where people who claim to be Thakuri feel superior to Chhettri caste or at least different from them.

List of chhettri last names:- (for detail about each surnames CLICK HERE)
  1. Chhetri (Kshatriya) - may be used by all
  2. Karki (revenue officer)
  3. Khadka (sword-bearer)
  4. Bisht (baron/distinguished)
  5. Thapa (Officer)
  6. Katwal (the messanger to people)
  7. Bogati (special kings messengers)
  8. Khatri (KC)
  9. Kunwar / Rana
  10. Basnet / Basnyat
  11. Gharti-Chhetri (G.C.)
  12. Khatri-Chhetri (K.C.)
  13. Budhathoki
  14. Baruwal
  15. Rawal
  16. Rayamajhi
  17. Sanjel
  18. Silwal
  19. Pandey
  20. Dangi (DC)
Thakuri Last names:-
  1. Thakuri (itself)
  2. Bam
  3. Banshi
  4. Barma
  5. Chand
  6. Chauhan
  7. Dev
  8. Hamal
  9. Khand
  10. Malla
  11. Paal
  12. Rathore
  13. Raya
  14. Samal
  15. Sen
  16. Shah
  17. Shahi
  18. Singh
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